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PhD Alumni

From the XXXVI cycle, see the Phd Programme in "Complex Systems for Quantitative Biomedicine" website.

The PhD Programme has trained over 150 students that are currently involved mainly in academical and industrial research. Click here for the complete Alumni list, with furthermore their current position.
If you would like to update your information, please write at

Complete Alumni list

Where are our alumni now? Click the interactive map link to discover it!

Interactive map

Enroll the LinkedIn group for finding former and current students of the PhD programme and for interacting with them. Furthermore, the group is updated with weekly job offers (both inside and outside academia) and scientifically relevant seminars.

Complex System Phd Alumni - UniTO

This workshop is intended to reunite the Alumni of the PhD Programme in Complex Systems for Life Sciences, to retrace individual professional experiences and to rediscover a common identity.

Previous editions of the Alumni Day

Click here for listening the podcast interviews to our PhD Alumni and discover a little bit more about their careers after the PhD!

PhD Alumni Interview



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