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The following courses are activated for a.y. 2019/2020, and should be attended by first year student. 
From the a.y. 2020/2021, the PhD Programme in "Complex Systems for Quantitative Biomedicine" is active.

The courses are meant for students with different background.

Courses for students with QUANTITATIVE background:

Courses for students with BIOLOGICAL background:

Courses for ALL students:


The following courses are mandatory for first, second and third year students.

The following activities are activated for the a.y. 2019/2020, and should be attended by first, second and third year student.


The present activities are organized by the PhD school each year. Further information here
  • Languages: Scientific English course for doctoral students at the 1st year of the course, organized within the Doctoral School, open to all the doctorates of the biomedical area
  • Computer Science: Biostatistics course, mandatory for doctoral students at the 1st year of the course, including both theoretical and practical lessons, organized within the Doctoral School, open to all the doctorates of the biomedical area. Computer specialization activities (courses for advanced use of Excel, Access, data mining).
  • Management of research, knowledge of research systems and financing systems: For some years the University has organized seminars and short courses. Interventions are planned on specific topics: eg: European calls for the mobility of young researchers; The CV of a researcher: from theory to practice; From idea to project: how to write a successful proposal in response to a research call international; Networking to be able to participate in international financing possibilities; Project management: from budgeting to management rules
  • Valorisation of research results and intellectual property: The University has in place actions to raise awareness and improve the ability to do business, with courses for the protection of intellectual property, in order to provide acknowledgment about patent and protect the technology transfer of results from the university research (patent filing and enhancement of the patent assets of university professors / researchers, start-ups, spin-offs, etc.). All is done with the collaboration of 2i3D, the business incubator of the University and the Doctoral School.
  • Bibliographic and database research course: This course aims at improving the skills of both archiving and researching articles in the sector.
  • D-Day: one of our school's consolidated training activities and a moment of socialization, exchange and cultural enrichment for graduate students, teachers and tutors improved by high-profile scientific lessons. A modern context for students of the 8 doctoral programs of the life sciences and health area to present their research.

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